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Jan 26

Fat Psp

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 in top gaming consoles

Fat Psp
Why he's all of my PSP sometimes the local shutsdown?

Sometime Connect the charger is shut down automatically as do the download. I still Sometimes I buy a new battery and brand will be terminated. How the Problem resolved? My PSP is fat (fat) is. Version Prome 4.

Just over thime glich

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LittleBigPlanet (Sony PSP, 2009)
Sony's family friendly mascot Sackboy comes to portable gamers with new platform adventures, new worlds to explore, and new user-generated levels in LittleBigPlanet. Following the Play.Create.Share model of its console forebear, LittleBigPlanet for the PSP once again finds gamers guiding their lovable burlap doll through more than 35 themed levels in Play mode, designing their own unique levels in Create mode, and uploading their creations to the PlayStation Network in Share mode.

The Play mode levels are filled with prize bubbles that reward curious and thorough players with new costumes, stickers, and level-building materials. Once players have completed a series of Create mode tutorials they can begin to craft and share their own levels, limited only by their imagination and the number of items they have collected in Play mode.
MVP Baseball (Sony PSP, 2005)

Infected (Sony PSP, 2005)
Infected inoculates Sony's handheld with a dose of old-fashioned run-and-gun shooting, designed to spread a player's influence like a PSP pandemic. Players take the role of a young police officer named Stevens, who seems to be one of the few people immune to the effects of a mysterious virus that's begun to infect nearly everyone else in New York City.

A friendly scientist figures that something in Stevens' veins is the secret to his salvation, and rigs up a weapon that allows the police officer to fire small doses of his own blood at the zombie-like victims of the plague. It turns out the scientist was right -- infected creatures hit with a shot from Stevens' blood gun tend to explode, quickly and violently (and often, messily).

Aside from the single-player shooting, two Infected players can fight head-to-head, using customized characters. The victor in such a duel "infects" the loser with a unique, identifiable strain of the virus, which may then be passed on to opponents the infected player bests in the future.
Exit (Sony PSP, 2006)
As the title suggests, the goal of this action-puzzle game is to get out of it, again and again, as quickly and safely as possible. In each level, players take control of Mr. ESC, a character whose specialty is leading hapless citizens out of confining situations. Each level presents a different room in a burning building, with poor people waiting to be rescued. Players take control of Mr. ESC, who can manipulate objects and use ladders, ropes, and other such tools, to clear a path to the "Exit" in each room (not completely unlike an updated take on the classic Lemmings games). The look of Exit suggests a sophisticated, cut-paper collage, with colorful, silhouetted characters and objects. Exit was developed and published in Japan by Taito, then localized and released in North America by Ubisoft.
Star Soldier - Sony Psp - Japan Import - Brand - Us Seller
Hudson brought back its shooting classic Star Soldier back to life on the PSP. Similar to the recent PS2 and GameCube remakes, the PSP title features fully polygonal graphics.
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ChickHen on PSP Fat




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