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Jan 26

Fat Psp

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 in top gaming consoles

Fat Psp
Why he's all of my PSP sometimes the local shutsdown?

Sometime Connect the charger is shut down automatically as do the download. I still Sometimes I buy a new battery and brand will be terminated. How the Problem resolved? My PSP is fat (fat) is. Version Prome 4.

Just over thime glich

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Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake (Sony PSP, 2010)
Sony's twisted take on "capture-the-flag" multiplayer action makes its way to the PSP with all the original maps and six new battlefields in Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake. Players once again put on different hats to switch between the five character classes -- Worker, Warrior, Ranger, Mage, and Priest -- in an attempt to capture an overweight royal whose ever-increasing girth makes "rescue" a difficult task. Online action lets two teams of four go head-to-head in Ad-hoc or Infrastructure mode, and there are now 14 multiplayer maps in which to do battle. Each class has special weapons and abilities, and the hat machines, weapons, and castles can be upgraded by using resources collected by Workers. Fistful of Cake features an extended single-player mode, and new multiplayer modes include "Grim Ripper," "Dilapidated," "Demolition," and "Jailbreak."
For Sony Psp 1000 Fat 3 Pack 3.6v Rechargeable Battery
eBay_Eforcity Compatible With Sony: PSP 1000 series New generic Rechargeable Battery compatible with Sony PSP 1000 Quantity: 3 Never run out of battery power when you are about to score the winning point. Save money and protect the environment by using the rechargeable battery Battery need to be charged before first use Voltage: 3.6V Accessory ONLY. Sony PSP not included. Product names are trademarks of the listed manufacturer or other owners, and are not trademarks of eForCity Corporation. The
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ChickHen on PSP Fat




A fine line between love and hate: Modded consoles. A grouchy old dude report.
Hello and welcome to Monday. Let me tell you about this guy I follow online, Ben Heck. Ben Heck modifies consoles and pretty much everything else he gets his hands on. Here are some examples of his work. this is a PS3 he built for a guy in Afghanistan. It has everything in the case. here is a picture of it closed. The guy wanted everything to fit in this Pelican luggage. Amazing but here is ...