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Jan 26

Fat Psp

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 in top gaming consoles

Fat Psp
Why he's all of my PSP sometimes the local shutsdown?

Sometime Connect the charger is shut down automatically as do the download. I still Sometimes I buy a new battery and brand will be terminated. How the Problem resolved? My PSP is fat (fat) is. Version Prome 4.

Just over thime glich

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Now Play Sony Psp System Games + Movies With Innovation Psp Tv Adaptor Adapter
Please Note this product ONLY works with the FAT PSP 1000 system. If you have any other model it will not fit! It's so Simple!: No need to open your PSP console. No need to upgrade or downgrade your PSP console firmware. No need to mess with the internals of the PSP and void your warranty. No need to change your PSP's screen. The PSP-TV Adaptor clips neatly to the top of the PSP, and requires NO internal modification to the console. Within seconds, your PSP games, UMD Movies, Music and Photo's
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Psp-1001 Psp-1000 Psp Fat Battery Cover Door Lot Of 5 Pcs
PSP-1001 Battery Cover - NEW - LOT OF 5 PCS! Product Description This is a lot of FIVE (5) PCS Black Battery Cover, NEW, for the Original PSP-1001 [or PSP-1000]. It is a NEW Battery cover, not used in any way!!! Protect your valuable PSP battery with this battery cover!! This battery cover will not work on the newer slim PSP systems. Product Features Brand NEW, never used!! Black - Lot of 5 PCS! Auction Sales Policy: Your bid is a contract!!!! If you are the winning bidder, you will enter into
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Ghost Case Fat Psp-1001 Psp-1000 Faceplate Clear Blue
quareTrade © AP6.0 PSP NOT INCLUDED!!! NEW - PSP-1000 / PSP-1001 Clear Blue Faceplate by GhostCase Brand New, High Quality, Clear Faceplate for PSP-1000 PSP-1001 only!FACEPLATE AND BUTTONS ONLY!!! PSP NOT INCLUDED!!! Includes clear buttons as pictured. Not generic -- made by Ghost Case-- very high quality merchandise! Not Compatible with Slim PSP-2000, PSP-2001 or Newer PSP-3000, PSP-3001 Check our feedback! We love our customers.Complete Kit Includes:-Front Case with screen -Left and Right Si
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Usa Seller: Official Psp-1000 Psp-1001 Phat Fat Psp Lcd Screen Sharp
BRAND NEW - PSP-1001 PSP-1000 PHAT LCD SCREEN REPLACEMENT ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT INCLUDES LCD BACKLIGHT AS ONE UNIT FOR MODEL PSP-1001 OR PSP-1000 ONLY! WILL NOT WORK ON NEWER PSP MODEL PSP-2001 OR PSP-3001 Broken LCD? Here's a replacement for you! Check our feedback! We love our customers. Features Specifications This is a NEW PSP LCD Replacement screen backlight, manufactured by Sharp. This is the original equipment! If your PSP LCD Screen is cracked and in need of replacement, here's the part fo
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Official Psp-3000 Psp-3001 Psp Lcd Screen Sharp
Official - PSP-3000 / PSP-3001 LCD Replacement Screen w/Backlight NEW Official LCD Replacement Screen for PSP 3000/3001 Includes NEW LCD with attached backlight. Not generic -- these are the real deal and the best quality -- no stuck pixels! Not Compatible with Fat PSP-1000, PSP-1001 or PSP-2000, PSP-2001 Check our feedback! We love our customers. Features Specifications NEW Official PSP LCD Screen for PSP 3000, 3001. Auction Sale Policy Your bid is a contract - Place a bid only if you're serio
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ChickHen on PSP Fat




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