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Pro Tec

Posted on Sunday, June 27, 2010 in top gaming consoles

Pro Tec
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D (Nintendo 3DS, 2011)
Konami's "Winning" Pro Evolution Soccer series debuts on 3DS as a launch title, presenting the serious sports-sim action in stereoscopic display for the first time. In addition to adding another layer of visual realism, the stereoscopic graphics work with the game's camera angles in a manner intended to give the player a better sense of depth and distance on the field. The game features dozens of national and club teams through its UEFA Champions League options, with virtual athletes designed to play like their real-life counterparts. In "Master League" mode, players create a custom team and lead it to victory through all levels of play. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 for 3DS can also use the handheld's Street Pass function to compare Master League team data with others nearby, and two-player competition is available over a wireless 3DS-to-3DS connection.
THERMO TEC 14610 Thermal Acoustic Insulation 24 X 36 In.
The suppressor is ideal where both sound and radiant heat control is desired; perfect for firewalls floorboards and doorsFeatures. Type - Sheet. Material - Polyethylene. Length - 24 in.. Width - 36 in.. Thickness - 2.75 in.. Sound And Radiant Heat Reduction. Installation Type - Self Adhesive
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"Testing" Some Pro-Tec Helmets - Fireworks and Beer




Erie's Grassi wins WNYPGA Professional Championship
Todd Grassi honed his golf game at Lawrence Park Golf Club, where his family has long been members.

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