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Posted on Sunday, June 27, 2010 in top gaming consoles

Pro Tec
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NFL Blitz Pro (Nintendo GameCube, 2003)
Midway's long-running series of arcade-style football games has been redesigned from the ground up to appeal to players who desire more authenticity in their sports titles. NFL Blitz Pro earns its new name by featuring complete 11-on-11 match-ups with a full lineup of NFL players, teams, and stadiums. Real-time weather means the snow falls in New England and Buffalo, the sun shines in Miami and Arizona, and the wind blows in Chicago and San Francisco.

NFL Blitz Pro also features a Franchise Mode, where up to 32 players can take their teams through ten consecutive seasons. Players will be able to participate in drafts and trades as well as sign or release free agents to keep teams performing at a high level. Other modes of play include Pro Bowl, Practice, and Season. Both Season and Franchise modes offer stat tracking in such categories as sacks, interceptions, yards, and touchdowns, while the computer AI has been addressed to eliminate the infamous "catch-up" tendencies found in previous Midway sports games.

The action in NFL Blitz Pro still features aggressive moves and high-speed play. Punishing tackles, stiff-arms, high jumps, and bone-crunching sacks are as much a part of the game as traditional moves such as pitches, handoffs, reverses, crossing patterns, and trick plays. Fantasy stadiums and characters have made the transition, along with the ability to input cheat codes. Receiver Terrell Owens not only appears on the game's cover and advertising, but also assisted in designing plays and recording audio content. Special features include a making-of featurette that goes behind the scenes at the NFL Pro Bowl with stars Hugh Douglas, Derrick Brooks, and LaDanian Tomlinson.
Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 (Nintendo DS, 2007)
The DS version of Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 allows players to make numerous commands and changes to the team and their strategy throughout the match. Featuring a variety of licensed teams, gamers select their squad and then watch the action occur on the top screen while they adjust the on-the-fly field commands or view the field radar. Mid-game, the game offers players the opportunity to sub teammates or make tactical changes based on statistical analysis during the first half. Additionally, Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 produces a mini readout illustrating which team is dominant in areas on the field. Switching to a "Tactical" mode allows gamers to change the pressure of the play, receive strategic hints, and view avatar information.
Timeshock! Pro Pinball (Sony PlayStation 1, 1998)

Power A Realtree Pro Pack Mini Plus (wii) Pink
Power A RealTree Pro Pack Mini Plus (Wii)The RealTree Camo Pro Pack Mini Plus Controller Set for Wii U/Wii features a unique ergonomic camo design that's more comfortable and compact - perfect for any adventure. Game on in style! The officially licensed RealTree Camo Pro Pack Mini Plus Controller Set for Wii U/Wii features a unique ergonomic design that's smaller than the original Nintendo Wii controller without sacrificing any functionality. The controller set includes one Mini Remote, one Sec
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Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling 2 Ps1 Brand New, Sealed
Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling 2 for the PlayStation is the sequel to the bowling simulation Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling. Developed by Adrenalin Entertainment, the game combines the refinements of the original with new and improved features, including updated Brunswick Pro Staff, new tournaments, expanded multiplayer support, new modes of play, and a completely overhauled Create-A-Bowler feature.From amateur to professional, Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling 2 offers enthusiasts realistic bowling in the comfort of their own homes. The game features true-to-life elements including authentic Brunswick lane environments, clothing, equipment, and statistics, real tournaments from the PBA (Professional Bowling Association) tour and accurate bowling ball and pin physics.Up to eight family members and friends can choose to play as one of the current Brunswick Pro Staff (both men and women), or even create a bowler in their own image. Nine modes of play are offered, including new Team Play and Skills Cha
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"Testing" Some Pro-Tec Helmets - Fireworks and Beer




Erie's Grassi wins WNYPGA Professional Championship
Todd Grassi honed his golf game at Lawrence Park Golf Club, where his family has long been members.

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